Vpn Maker


VPNs (virtual private network) are services that encrypt data and hide your IP with VPN’s IP.
The security created by VPN has caused many people to use them.
VPN hides your IP and when you visit a site, for example, instead of your IP, it registers the VPN’s IP on the server.

Selling VPN

Currently, there are programs that provide free proxies to users.

Free services often have problems such as

  1. low speed
  2. Volumetric limitation
  3. Protocol limitation
  4. Location restriction

Because of the problems that free services have people have shown more acceptance for paid services.

Proxy sales bot

Although Telegram is a messaging application, it has provided a suitable platform for robots and programs.
So that thousands and thousands of bots are providing service to users in the Telegram space.
Almost any service that a website or application can provide, the Telegram bot can provide with simplicity and a more convenient user interface.
The high security of Telegram bots has prevented any intrusion and sabotage in the bots, and the user can use them safely.
A proxy and VPN sales robot can have the following capabilities.

  1. Charging the account by the user in the robot
  2. Information about the balance of the account
  3. Delivery of the proxy service and deduction of the amount from the user’s account
  4. Notifications for renew accounts
  5. Remove proxy after expiration

Management of servers

In addition to providing a simple and good user interface for users, a Telegram bot is also very useful for admins and managers of the bot.
The bot can connect to servers via ssh or api, apply default settings, create a proxy, and do all these things quickly and automatically.
At the same time, it is possible to add several servers, remove several servers from Telegram and manage them in the robot.

Manage domains

The VPN bot admin definitely needs domain management
Adding a domain, removing a domain, creating a subdomain, and etc are the tasks you will need to sell VPN.
In the VPN sales robot, all the above actions are done smartly.

Account management

For each user in the bot, an account is registered for the service they receive.

In addition to viewing and checking the accounts, you can easily edit, delete or add them.
Although the VPN and proxy sales robot has a simple appearance, it is very complex, powerful and intelligent in backend.

For order the Vpn Maker bot: @Bot_Develooper