Promotion Bot

Do you want to reach more people on social media? 

Promotion Bot is a Telegram bot that can assist you in growing your channel members, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms. Promotion Bot is one of the many bots that run inside Telegram and enable automation. 

You can use Promotion Bot to promote your channel at different websites, pages and apps that have a large audience.

Promotion Bot can help you save time and money by boosting your social media presence with ease.

Promotion Bot-menu

Features of bot:

  1. Boost your Telegram channel members
  2. Get more views on your Telegram posts
  3. Grow your Instagram followers
  4. Gain likes and followers on Tik Tok
  5. Deliver orders in a timely manner
  6. Automatically view Telegram posts

This bot works with several web services and all orders are processed with the help of web services.

Bot Link: @A_V_S_S_bot

Make your own bot and earn money

Robot makers are robots with which you can create your own robotYour own bot is completely at your disposal, which means you can set up the bot name, bot link, photo and bio of the bot based on your brand.

Features of bot maker

The robot you create with Robot Maker has a management panel that has the following features:
  • Selection of services to sell in the bot

There are many different services in the bot, such as Telegram members, Instagram followers, Instagram views, Instagram likes, etc.

Choose which of these services you want to have in your bot.

  • Product pricing

For example, you can set a separate price for each product or set a commission in general.

  • Text editing and customization

With this feature, at each step of the order, you determine what text is displayed to the user.

  • Multi languages support

This bot is connected to the powerful Google translator and supports nearly 100 languages.

  • Ban user panel

Maybe you want to ban the malicious user inside the bot.
With this feature, you determine who is allowed to use the bot.

  • Forced to join channel
    With this feature, The user must join your channel to use the bot.
  • User credit management

Each user has a wallet in the robot and uses the wallet to purchase services.
As a bot admin, you can increase or decrease the credit of users.

  • Determining admin’s bot

As the owner of the bot, you have access to this feature
With this feature, you can add an admin to the robot to help you manage the robot.
Remove admins whenever you want.

  • Bulk message

Send your message to all bot’s users with this feature.
Bulk message is one of the necessary facilities for robot owners, by using which they can inform their robot or notify robot users in case of updates.

  • Support of various payment methods

In this robot, you determine how users pay in the robot.
This method can be all kinds of crypto currencies, credit cards, gift cards, etc.

Choose your services, price them, sell them and earn money by using this powerful robot.

Create your own robot for free with this bot maker.

To order a robot similar to this robot, send a message to the ID @Bot_Develooper