also Auto forward bot

The Auto forward bot can help us send content from the source channel to the destination channel.

It can even recognize the ID (channel username) of the source channel or any other link in the post.

We can take a look at the other options it has to offer.

Technology used

As a Telegram user, you’re already familiar with the thousands of posts published daily in channels and groups.

Telegram has created an incredibly powerful platform for bots to automate tasks.

The Auto Forward Bot uses a combination of API and CLI to perform its functions, such as copying content with CLI and using API Telegram for its panel.

It also supports private channels and groups, in addition to public ones.

High speed

Once the post is sent in the source channel, the robot quickly receives it and sends it to the destination channel.

Posts can be text, photos, videos or files and the robot sends them to the destination channel in less than a second!

Several different channels

Several different channels are available for use with this robot, and it has the ability to send posts to the destination channels.

The user panel of the robot is designed so that you can easily add or remove source and destination channels.

For each channel, you can define separate options and the robot will send posts accordingly.

Filter words

It’s easy to set up this bot so that it won’t post messages containing bad words.

All you need to do is enter the list of bad words into the robot, and it will be sensitive to them.

Alternative link

It would be great if you could replace any links or IDs (usernames) in your posts with your own link or ID. That way, your channel will remain free of any unwanted content.
In the post sending bot, enter the link you want to hide and enter the alternative link.
From then on, every post published on your channel has already been replaced with your link!


Would you like to add text to your photos or videos?

Auto forward bot has a great feature that allows you to do just that!

Just enter the text you want and it will be added to any photo or video published on your channel.

Try it out today!

Enable/disable bot

With this feature, you have the power to easily turn the robot on or off.

When you turn it on, all your settings will be activated.

And when you turn it off, it won’t send any posts in the channel.

Edit, Reply, Delete

The activities of the source channel, such as sending posts, editing posts, replying to posts and deleting posts, will be applied to your channel.

This robot uses a powerful MySql database and can store millions of records in its memory, so you can use channels with thousands of posts without any delay.

If any post is edited in the source channel, it will be edited in the same way in your channel.

If any post is replied on the source channel, the same content will be replied on the same post in your channel.

Also if any post is deleted in the original channel, it will be deleted instantly in your channel.

You can also add desired options to this robot

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