Trader bot

Day by day, the role of robots in the financial markets is becoming more prominent and the possibilities that a robot can provide are expanding.
Undoubtedly, due to the accuracy and extraordinary performance of robots, using a robot as an assistant helps a trader a lot.
Robots that perform their tasks accurately and regularly and never get tired.

Buy And Sell
Trading robots trade based on the strategies defined for them.
These robots can connect to any exchange or broker and buy and sell at the right time according to the given schedule.
For example, the strategy defined in the robot can be a cross down RSA at 50, that is, as soon as we reach this target, a buy or sell transaction will be created.
Stronger strategies cause more efficiency and thus more profit in robots.
In this post, read more about the tradingview robot and its uses.

Auto trade bot

Maybe you are not a financial market expert, but you are very interested in buying and selling and want robots to do it for you.

Auto trade bot generally does not need information such as technical analysis and topics related to financial markets.

This robot is connected to a signal broadcasting source.

This source is something like a Telegram channel or similar that sends signals several times a day at different times.

A human naturally cannot stay awake 24 hours a day and cannot buy or sell immediately upon sending a signal.

If you have ever worked in the financial markets, you know how important time is in such situations.

Sometimes wasting time not only prevents more profit but also causes loss in trading.

As soon as the auto trade robot receives the signal, it trades according to the parameters in the signal.

These signals have already been analyzed by experts and if the connected channel sends good signals, the auto trade robot will become a profitable robot for you.

Copy trade bot

The copy trade bot, which has the feature of subscription rights, is also equipped to receive money from users.

In order to be able to use this robot, users must pay a fee and subscribe to the robot

Then connect your account (e.g. Binance account) to the robot.

The admin of the bot has many features in its management panel, such as opening a transaction, closing a transaction, and viewing the balance in all accounts connected to the bot.

It even has the access to change a feature in all accounts.

For example, in futures transactions, leverage can be changed in all accounts.

Every action that occurs in the robots is applied to all users who have subscribed. Therefore, there is no need for users to buy and sell, but the work is completely managed by the robot.


In this post, we discussed the types of trading robots and what a robot can do in the financial market.

Of course, these possibilities are so wide that I mentioned only a few of the applications of robots in the financial markets.

Trader bot can be a very good trading assistant for traders and a suitable tool for those interested in this field.

We can execute and implement the robot according to the plan in your head.

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