Telegram lottery bot

Hi everyone, I’m happy to introduce you to my telegram bot.

It’s a lottery bot that helps managers and channel admins to do lottery among their members. It’s easy to use and fun to play.

You can choose from different types of lotteries, such as group lottery, channel lottery, challenge lottery and more.

You can also customize the number of winners, the prize and the type of the lottery.

If you want to try it out, just add it to your group or channel and follow the instructions. I hope you enjoy it and good luck! 😊

Main Menu

Let’s explore the main menu together after you launch the bot. What do you think of all the buttons?

Telegram lottery bot-Main Menu

Telegram lottery

How about having some fun with a lottery in our group/channel?

Just tap the Telegram lottery button and you’ll see a new menu with all kinds of exciting lotteries to choose from.

All members

This type of lottery will give everyone in your group/channel a chance to win.

For example, if you have 1000 members in your channel, the bot will randomly pick one or more winners from them.

You can decide how many winners you want in the panel.

The lottery happens live in your group/channel and everyone can watch how the bot selects the winners. This plan makes sure that there is no doubt about the lottery and everyone trusts you because everything is done by the bot and not by a human.

Online members

This lottery is a fun way to reward online users.

Please announce the lottery time clearly so everyone can join in.

The bot will only pick users who are online then. Also, kindly switch off your last-seen-recently status so the bot can see you’re online.


This lottery is exclusive for your challenge participants. They will be automatically entered into the draw when they join your challenge.

Tap the challenge button and pick your favorite lottery model from the three options available.

Next, tap the button to create your challenge and get ready to have some fun!

Once you’re done with your challenge, you’ll receive a link to share with your participants. Send them the link so they can join the lottery too!

When they click on the link, the robot will greet them and ask for their name. Then they’ll get their own lottery code to use in the draw.

  • How to Grow Your Telegram Group and Reward Your Members with a Lottery?

This lottery is a special offer for your Telegram group members only.

The goal of this lottery is to reward your members for bringing more friends to your group.

This means that only members who have invited at least 5 people to your group will get a chance to win the lottery.

By doing this challenge, you can grow your group in no time.

Telegram lottery bot-adders


Quiz and poll

Have fun with your own contest and a chance to win a prize.

In this bot, you can create a poll or quiz and share it with your users.

If the user gets all your quiz questions right, or joins in all your poll questions, they will enter the lottery.

Boost the activity and excitement in your channel/group by doing this challenge.

The Ultimate Guide to Using the Lottery Telegram Bot

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to create your own lottery challenges and reward your users, you should try the lottery telegram bot.

This bot lets you create different types of lotteries, such as invite-only, quiz-based, poll-based, or draw-along. You can share the link of your challenge with your users, and they can join the lottery by following the instructions.

The bot will automatically generate and send them a lottery code. You can then use the bot to draw the winner and announce it in your channel/group.

The lottery telegram bot is a great tool to increase the engagement and loyalty of your users and have some fun along the way.

Try it today and see for yourself!


Join to bot with this link👇🏼


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