Telegram subscription bot

If you have expertise, for example, you can give the best crypto currency signal or you can give advice or teach in your field of work, this bot is for you.

Or you have a channel or a group and your channel is VIP and you don’t want your content to be available to everyone and you want to earn money from them.

One way is for users to pay a subscription fee and then you give them access to your channel/group or content.

This way will be very difficult and time-consuming for you, and it will not be pleasant for users.

With Telegram subscription bot, things will be done easily and accurately for you, and users will be satisfied.

The user enters the bot without entering username and password, this is one of the features of Telegram, of course, it also has great security.

Description of the robot

Purchase subscription:

To buy subscription, the user clicks the buy subscription button and then selects its period, for example monthly or quarterly or yearly, after paying the money, the subscription will be activated.
Then the robot sends the invite link (one-time use link) to user.

The user can enter your channel or group only with that link.


Use this section to increase your account balance.
This section can include different payment methods such as credit card, crypto payment, ….

My account:

With this button, users can view their subscription period.

Management Part:

In this section, robot managers can see who have purchased subscription.

Also, they can view the subscription period and user information in this section.

Management of subscription plans, such as the duration and price of each plan can be changed in this section.

This robot includes the following features:

1.Send an expiring membership link to the user

2.To use the bot, the user must join the channel defined in the bot.

3.Sending renewal messages and warnings to users before the end of the subscription.

4.Removing the user from the channel after the end of the subscription.

5.For the convenience of users in payment, the robot has a built-in wallet.

6.The payment and charging methods of the wallet are applied by your choice.

7.View the remaining amount of users’ subscription.

8.Sending public messages to all users of the robot

One of the special features of the bot is having a marketing department. Each user gets his own link from the robot and when users enter through that link, the user receives a specific profit.

You can also add other parts that you need to the robot.

To consult and order the robot, contact the following address in Telegram.