Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot

Although Telegram is known as a messaging application, it has also attracted many businesses because it provides a suitable platform for robots.
So many people have established their business in Telegram.
Each Telegram bot has a user panel containing several buttons, and the user works with the bot through this panel.
Unlike web panels (websites) and applications, you do not need to log in to enter the user panel.
Each account in Telegram has a unique numerical ID.
The user ID in the robot works like a username and password, and this way provides high security along with ease of use.

Use of robots

Although the variety of Telegram bots is very large and works in almost all areas, we have tried to review some of the most used ones in this post.

Group assistant robots

Each Telegram group can have from 1 user to 1 million users.
As with other social medias, the more members you have in a Telegram group, the more chances you have of making money, advertising, etc.
On the other hand, as the number of members increases, it becomes more difficult to manage.
For example, managing a Telegram group with 100 thousand members by human resources is not justified at all.
Like a smart and tireless person, Telegram bots can manage your group for hours without any disturbance.
The tasks that a robot can do in a group:

  1. Delete messages containing advertisements
  2. Banning the wrong people
  3. Welcoming users and announcing the rules
  4. Prevent group spamming

Fun bots

People with a common interest come together in a group.
A Telegram bot can use this feature and entertain users in the group for hours.
For example, by playing group games with Telegram bot management such as:

  1. Mafia game
  2. truth and dare
  3. File name game
  4. Create a league and advance the game to the final stage
  5. Play and stream movies and music on voice chats

Seller bots

The purpose of creating these robots is to generate income and earn money.
These types of robots are often requested by people who intend to start their own business in the Telegram space and want to sell their products or services online.
Seller robots work tirelessly 24 hours a day like a real Telegram seller.
The user panel of Telegram bots is very simple and the user can easily make a purchase with a few clicks.
Seller robots can connect to various payment portals such as PayPal, Crypto Currency, etc. and receive payments in this way.

Video and sound editing robots

These robots are used for audio and video editing.
Watermark, film cutting, effects, subtitles are among the features that are used in this type of robots.

In this post, we discussed different types of robots
Although a Telegram bot is not limited to these applications, smarter bots are created every day with more up-to-date technologies.
Very successful robots that have not only provided a better user experience for users, but have also generated significant income for the bot owner.
We are here to implement any type of Telegram bot with the newest methods.

To order the robot, send a message to @Bot_Develooper in Telegram.